benefits of walking

There are many benefits of walking, and we’ve been doing it a long time

Our first ancestor, Homo Erectus, the first ancestor characterized as human, spent their days foraging and gathering food, walking up to 6km a day, our bodies, therefore, are designed to walk.

There are so many health benefits of walking such as –

Reduces the risk of Heart disease

Reduces Stress

Lowers blood pressure

Helps reduce and manage the risks of type 2 Diabetes

Lowers LDL (Bad) Cholesterol

Increases HDL (Good) Cholesterol

Builds lean muscle tissue

Maintains bone density

Builds aerobic fitness

Helps weight management


It’s also free, requires no equipment (other than a good pair of trainers) is low impact so reducing the risk of injury

Pretty much anyone can do it; It can be social, something that groups of friends or family can do together.

Getting out in the fresh air, particularly if you are lucky enough to have a nearby forest, beach or park can be mood improving, almost therapeutic.

So put on your trainers, grab some water, a friend and the dog (if applicable) and head outside.

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