Looking to start a new fitness regime but feel a bit lost?

Here are some tips to help you get started, firstly

Identify what you enjoy – there’s no point doing something you don’t enjoy just because it’s the latest thing, you will end up finding reasons not to go.

Look to your childhood  – and the type of activity you loved that could be riding a bike or Ice skating!

Getting comfy – Invest in some workout gear that’s fit for the type of exercise you are doing and that fits well; there’s nothing worse than having to adjust your clothes during a workout. And invest in the right sports bra

Set yourself up to succeed

Get organized – Make sure you have your gym bag packed and ready, so there’s no excuse not to fit in a workout,

If you are exercising after work keep some healthy snacks to hand for a pre-workout boost.

Prepare a playlist – Having the right music has been shown to increase the intensity and duration of your workouts.

Grab a friend – Working out with a buddy is great fun, keeps you accountable, and makes it harder to cancel that session.

Keep yourself safe by making sure you.

Warm-up, cool down, and stretch – Often overlooked aspects but making sure you warm-up reduces the risk of injury,

It also brings your heart rate down gradually at the end of your session restores normal blood flow,

And don’t rush off without stretching, it can help reduce soreness.

Hydrate – Make sure you drink before, during, and after your workout, something with electrolytes like coconut water is excellent

But plain old water works just as well – and most gyms have a water fountain, so it’s free!

Give yourself a pat on the back – Rewards for sticking to a new regime are important, and I’m not talking food rewards here

Treat yourself to a new workout outfit or a spa day with friends.

Making fitness a lifestyle priority isn’t easy in our busy lives, but once you do, you will start to feel the benefits which in turn will make it easier to continue.

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