world vegan day

World Vegan day has been running on the 1st November since 1994, a lot has changed,

No longer seen as weird, new age or unhealthy a new generation is embracing this way of living.

If you look at your diet today vegan foods have probably already made their way into your shopping cart

Almond milk, hummus or falafel anyone?

Sports stars are increasingly adding vegan foods to their diets and many celebrities are vocal on how it has changed their lives for the better.

The positive environmental impact of veganism cannot be ignored as reports this week state that humans are wiping out other species

As we decimate habitats in order to produce more food for our planets ever-increasing population.

Access to information, ingredients, great recipes and awareness that comes from events such as world vegan day is growing making it much easier to incorporate into day to day living

But make sure to do proper research if you are looking at becoming vegan,

It is harder to get certain nutrients from a vegan diet (but not impossible) and it does mean eating a balanced varied daily diet,

Consulting a nutritionist is probably the most sensible idea

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