new year resolutions

New Year Resolutions

As the overindulgence of Christmas and the party season slip away our thoughts naturally turn to New Years Resolutions.

I have always thought of the word ‘Resolution’ as meaning giving something up, generally, something we enjoy but know is not good for us, so I prefer to use the word ‘Goals’ for a more positive mindset.

So what can you do to make the coming years goals a reality? Here a few tips that I hope can help


Specific, Measured, Agreed, Realistic, Timed – Put a plan down on paper and check it against the SMART rules

Don’t try to change everything at once

Make small changes and as they become a habit, make more

Not all changes are going to stick, even with the best intentions and great will power sometimes things just don’t suit you or your lifestyle

Don’t get hung up or feel defeated, try something else you will find what works

Get the right tools

Whether that’s a gym membership, a self-help book, a Personal Trainer or your GP

It may get worse before it gets better

Especially if you are giving up smoking, for example,

The withdrawal may be a bitch, you may be a bitch, but with the right help you can get through the other side……..

Might be worth giving friends and family a heads up :)

Be prepared and plan,

Changes in lifestyle require that you ……change.

Small things that help you feel prepared and help plan ahead are vital,

Food containers for self prepped lunches,

A lidded coffee cup to make your own coffee for on the train,

Buy a  refillable water bottle,

Meal plan for the coming week

Have a gym bag packed and ready to go

Celebrate the wins,

As you reach goals reward yourself

I’m talking non-food rewards here – get your nails done

Have a massage

Buy yourself a new outfit

Or pair of trainers ( my personal treat of choice )

Whatever your new year goals believe in yourself, give yourself a chance to succeed and sometimes fail,

Use the resources available and don’t give up………’s to the new you!

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