hemp oil benefits



hemp oil benefits

Hemp Oil has many beauty benefits and these beauty benefits go back many thousands of years.

CBD is extracted from the leaves, stalks and flowers of the Hemp plant and has more beneficial uses for pain relief, mood and holistic remedies.

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of the Hemp plant and has enormous nutritional and beauty benefits.

Hemp Oil contains Linoleic Acid and Gamma-Linolenic Acids (Omega 6) which promotes new skin cell production, and facilitate wound healing and support the growth of stronger nails, hair and skin

It also has high levels of Alpha-Linolenic Acid (Omega’s 3) which can reduce inflammation, which can be helpful with skin conditions such as Acne.

It contains Oleic Acids (Omega 9) Keep skin soft and supple and reduce the appearance of ageing

Vitamin E, all of which can help reduce skin ageing.

Here are 4 ways to use Hemp Oil in your beauty regime

Nail health – Increase the health of your cuticles and nails.

Massage oil in regularly to soften cuticles and to strengthen and boost nail growth

Dry skin – Use it to reduce and heal dry, cracked skin, especially on feet.

Massage into the affected area, if using on feet or hands apply before bed and wear cotton socks or gloves to aid absorption.

Problem skin – Acne, eczema and psoriasis Hemp Oil can provide a less chemical remedy than many over the counter products.

Regularly massage into affected area

Home Facial – Get your glow on with this super easy home facial

Cleanse and dry face as normal

Massage in a teaspoon of Hemp Oil all over face

Place a hot facecloth over face and lie back for a 2 minutes until the cloth cools

Using the facecloth, wipe off the Hemp Oil, using a new warm facecloth continue to wipe off excess oil

Pat face dry, and you are all done

The supplier I like for quality Organic Oils is conscious skincare link here

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