the christmas season

And so December is on us and the Christmas Season festivities well and truly start, Christmas parties, work lunches, the BIG one ……. Christmas dinner

Then we move to a horizontal boxing day on the sofa watching Christmas movies (Die Hard anyone)

eating leftovers, actually my favourite after cooking several family dinners because I get to relax with bubble and squeak quickly followed by trifle hmmm, and then it’s on to New Year’s Eve!

Now I’m not a big drinker, but as its Christmas, I will probably have a glass of Prosecco with the several dinners I’m cooking this year and on New Year’s Eve

however, this is the one time of year when I do indulge in food I don’t normally eat, basically pudding(s)

so pretty much from Christmas Eve to New Years Day, I will be eating homemade trifle (no fruit what’s that about!) with cream

Yule Log with cream

Tiramisu with cream

and I’m sure there will be Profiteroles with………cream! I really like cream by the way

Now its not all bad, as mentioned above bubble and squeak is a favourite

I love vegetables Brussels included and always do something with leftovers that will include veggies and go some way to balancing out all the indulgence

What I’m saying here is sometimes its good to relax, even those of us in the health and fitness industry sometimes need to let go,

spend time with family before another busy year starts

so I wish you a Happy Christmas season and I’m off to check I’ve got enough cream on my shopping list…………

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