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Menopausal women and the long term health issues

A recent article by the fabulous Dr Louise Newson highlighted the long term poor health that women face because of menopause

But also the need to change the way menopause is seen

Not as a ‘natural process’ but as a chronic disease stating


” the menopause is not just about hot flushes and night sweats, which is what most people think. Its about increased risk of heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, depression and dementia.

Not having the hormones just increases poor health in women and represents a public health crisis that has gone under the radar for too long.

We should be thinking about the £2bn a year that hip fractures cost the NHS, about the suicide rate associated with the menopause, about women who give up work as a result of their menopausal symptoms.

Obesity is now the biggest cause of some common cancers, and that is also correlated with menopause.

Its time we started talking about the health risks of not being on HRT”


Dr Newson has long been a campaigner for better education amongst the medical profession

She holds workshops for GP’s and women’s health providers

She has recently had her website endorsed by the Royal College of GP’s and is passionate about giving evidence based information

For more information about your rights and menopause Click here and search menopause

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