megs menopause

I had the fantastic opportunity to attend the Megs Menopause Conference on Saturday 18th  2019 at City Hall Westminster, which focusses on raising menopause awareness.

Meg has shone a light on a subject too often ignored or swept under the carpet,

It’s like as women we are meant to be ashamed of going through menopause.

And listening to the stories of women it is evident that change needs to happen in many areas,

After all, we are half the population.

We will all go through menopause, and there needs to be better awareness, and we need better medical resources.

Change, especially in the areas of GP’s, but also in the workplace, the media and most importantly, us.

We need to educate ourselves and the next generation, we need to demand better access to support, trained medical professionals,

Access to medicines not currently licensed for women (testosterone anyone) and education.

There are amazing medical professionals, some of whom spoke at the conference;

However, they are few, and they cannot elicit change by themselves; WE have to create the demand for change.

To all those who spoke and to those brave women who shared their sometimes harrowing stories and experiences,

Mostly caused by lack of menopause awareness within the medical profession.

Thanks to the fabulous Meg Matthews for organizing this much-needed event,

I am inspired to learn, to do, to share and to educate.


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