blueberry smoothie

This blueberry smoothie recipe is heaven 

I have had a Nutribullet for a good few years now, and this week I have upgraded to a new version, they are the best for making smooth, bit free smoothies

here are some suppliers

There is a lot of debate around smoothies because they break down the cells of the fruit, releasing the natural sugars more quickly.

You can counter this slightly by adding some protein powder and veggies (spinach is my go-to)

So I find fruit difficult as I don’t get on with the texture, weird I know (mushrooms are also in this category)

But I have learned to get around it, I love the flavour so for me being able to blend all manner of fruits into a drink is the best way to get the vitamins and minerals they provide,

I don’t have one everyday … although with a new gadget to play with I may,

If you don’t consume enough fruit, why not try a smoothie, you can use frozen fruit, milk alternatives and add superfood powders.

I have a Nutribullet, but there are other excellent brands out there, let me know how you get on and scroll down for other posted recipes

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