autumn season

The Autumn season is here; it’s official

Sunglasses, check
Winter Clothes, check
Scarf, check
Hat, hell yeah!

When it’s sunny and crisp, and the leaves are falling, I think it’s probably my favourite season for walking in the woods with my dogs,

So Saturday was a perfect autumn day (although that wind factor was brutal so big tick for the hat)

Now the clocks have gone back it would be easy to hunker down under a throw,

But making an effort to get out has many advantages.

Exercise can help increase the production of the feel-good chemical Serotonin responsible for regulating mood, sleep and appetite amongst other things,

This is particularly important for those who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Getting out in the daylight and exercising can help with the symptoms.

If its cold your body has to work harder to keep warm so increases your calorie burn,

And if it’s a brisk, steady walk (LISS – Low-Intensity Steady State), you will add to your exercise quota.

If you can embrace the change in season, I have loved wearing scarves and cosy clothes again, buying squashes and pumpkins and making soups,

I’m even eyeing winter coats for my dogs! so wrap up and head out xx

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