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menopause eduction

An introduction to understanding Menopause in this Free 5 day education series

Learn –

What menopause actually is

When it can start & how long it lasts

The most common symptoms

Easy to implement management strategies


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Here is the schedule for Monday Night Lives over in 

The Empowered Menopause Group

6th How Stress Effects Menopause

12th  The Weighty Matter of middle-aged spread

19th Affairs of the Heart

All lives are at 6.30pm GMT 

Remember, invite friends, family and colleagues to the group if you think they would benefit from learning about Menopause

Come join the community!

Featured Posts

  • "I didn’t know too much about the benefits of CBD oil but after speaking to Rebecca, she helped me decide on what to do for my mums arthritis. It’s so lovely to hear from someone who actually is so passionate and very knowledgeable. I wish you every success for the future Rebecca and look forward to buying more products as well as trying out your fab recipes!"

    Emma Derbidge
  • I’ve been training with Bec for a few months now and she’s absolutely amazing. Incredibly encouraging and knowledgable, doesn’t push you beyond your limits but doesn’t give you an easy way out. I’m getting to the way I want to look, but my actual fitness levels have improved ten-fold.

    The studio is lovely and air conditioned, always cold bottled water available. 1-2-1 (I’ve even had a few friends join me on some sessions too) is great, no pressure or insecurities of being in a gym.

    If you’re ever wandering if the money for a PT is worth it...Bec is beyond worth it and I’m so so happy I made the decision.

    Alice Wakefield
  • I was really suffering with not being able to sleep properly at night due to what I can only describe as ‘silent buzzing’.  Although I was really tired my eyes would just keep popping open.  I heard Rebecca talk at a Live Laugh Love ladies club and was excited on hearing about CBD oil was and what it could do.  I ordered the 10% oil and the topical balm straight away and wow!  I now sleep all night.  At the worst I was getting 3-4 hours; now I get 7-8.  The balm I use for an aching joint pain I have in my hand and it certainly has an effect.  I’ve also used the balm on my husband’s lower back and he says it helped.

    Nadine Hermon
  • "Really helpful and kept me engaged the whole way through, feel more empowered by this stage of my life now" - Online Menopause Program